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January 2021 Newsletter

Dear SEED JP Supporters,

Thank you for your prayers and financial support. Matthew 1:21 declares, “She will give birth to a son,and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins." This announcement is the greatest news to fallen man. God gave us hope and life. God has been good

through the time of pandemic. I prayed for our country and even marched around the Capitol and Supreme Court (7x) for the restoration of our forefathers’ Christian values. I hold onto the truth that if we humble ourselves and repent for our sins, then God will have mercy. (2 Chron. 7:14) May we give our whole life to obey our Lord Jesus Christ. I thank God for the New Year, 2021; whatever the future brings, I will continue to share the gospel. Here are few ways I served the Lord during this winter.

1) Our SEED JP prayer group is expanding and we are excited to pray for our SEED missionaries. I want Christians to be mindful of missionaries during this pandemic and faithfully pray for them.

They need our prayers that may God fill them with Holy Spirit. I want to expand the SEED JP Prayer group into other states beyond DC/MD/VA. Some good news is that P. Esther in NJ started a SEED prayer group and passionate people are joining. Also, P. Lily, SEED JP Member, started a new prayer meeting with her friends from states around the country and is opening their eyes to be mindful of missionaries through prayer. 

2) Street evangelism is being blessed by the Lord. By faith, SEED JP ordered 40 new sign posts,

and God sent an angel to pay for the entire cost of the posts (over $1500). We knew God was very happy with the street evangelism. P. Lily has been faithful organizing street evangelism teams. God also added new people. God is so good to SEED JP.

                     A man asking for prayers                          A Scottish bagpipe player joined during Dec. 

3) Jackie D, SEED JP Staff, connected to a Baltimore homeless ministry (The Hesed World Center). P. Kang started the Hesed homeless ministry 3 years ago, and she has been praying for English speaking workers. Jackie is enjoying reaching out to the homeless ministry as she serves for SEED JP. Her great talent is in language and media. I am so blessed by her talents 

and availability to support me in different ways. She helped me greatly with the SEED missionary journey essay in Korean. Also, she made a short video clip for our Christmas Day outreach with the homeless. Many churches are closed but God opened the door for Hesed church. I made a commitment to preach once a month. My highlight with the homeless ministry was when Wayne, a homeless man, was touched by the gospel and accepted Jesus

into his life. On Christmas Day, my daughter Joy and P. Lily went with me to serve the homeless at in Baltimore city. My heart ached for many lost souls who are filled with drugs, alcohol and violent language. I prayed aloud as people came to take clothes and meals. P.Kang had chosen a few people to be raised up as disciples and we prayed with them. One thing I remember is that we prayed and prayed for each person. Despite P. Kang’s very

limited English language, the homeless understood her heart and loved her. She sewed and plowed the rough ground for many years.

  Pray for SEED JP: Pray that   

1) God will bring young people who can join SEED JP to serve 
2) I will be filled with the Holy Spirit and manage the SEED JP successfully

3) The Hesed Homeless retreat will be a blessed and meaningful retreat and God will send the right homeless people to attend. Pray that they will become disciples for Christ and bring other homeless to Christ. I pray for vision for each person and that they give their lives to Jesus for His work. 4) God will protect SEED JP as we go out to the streets and serve in the homeless ministry. 

All because of Jesus,

Sharon Song

SEED JP Director

2664 Reign St. Herndon, VA. 20171


North America Sharon, Daniel Song