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Greetings in the wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ

It has been a long time since my last newsletter and I apologize for that. Sometimes it is hard to write when there is nothing much happening, or when are just struggling in the ministry.

Sponsorship students

Many of our students sponsor students have faced severe criticism from family or other relatives and friends or in school from the teachers. As a result some of our students have stopped to come to church. That has been difficult for us. It is now graduation time here in the Philippines and we are very happy to say that most of the students that are still with us have done very well in school and we are very proud of them. Some of them are first honors while most of them are in the top five students in their class. One of the students, Josephine, was very shy and could not say a word and was a very low performer in school when she joined our sponsorship program.

Though I don’t have pictures of all the graduating students, here are some of them.


From left to right: Our two high school graduates – Josephine with her mother and Jonamae with her mother. Far right Keylan our Cum Lauded student that is now in senior high school.

We also have a new batch of seven students joining our sponsorship program. Those who just graduated from elementary and most of these students have been part of our Sunday School in Canaan Church.

new student 01

Six of the new sponsor students with Missionary Chunghee and Pst. Jamison

New part time help.

We have a Bible School student who is helping us in the church during the school vacation. His name is Jamieson Bolja. He is a 4th year Bible School student. Pray that God will anoint his ministry with us.


As you know we have been praying for water on the farm for a long time. Last year another missionary gave us their drilling machine that was used by her father but he passed away and she has no vision for it. But we needed a truck to bring it to Cebu Island. Praise God we have received some donations to buy a surplus truck so that we can bring the drilling machine here, but the truck is still under construction. Hopefully it will be ready by May 12.

The truck being put together.

Prayer requests:

  1. Pray for Pst Jamieson Bolja and his ministry with us that God will use him mightily.
  2. April 30 to May 6 we will have two VBS’s in two locations, the church and also Candugay Barangay proper.
  3. We will also have a special evangelistic weekend on May 4-6 with Evangelistic film showings in two different locations and a Special evangelistic service in church on Sunday. Pray for the speaker during these events Pst Fred Verdiflor that a special anointing of the Holy Spirit will be on him.
  4. My ATM card through which I can draw my support from South Africa has expired and they have mailed me a new card on January 31, 2017. It was sent by slow boat and I still have not received it as of April 10, 2018. Needless to say that put some great financial strain on us as a family and in the ministry. Pray that I will get the ATM card soon. God has been faithful to us in the meantime, but it is really not easy.
  5. Pray that those who build the truck will do a good job and finish quickly.

God Bless

Petrus and Chunghee Vercueil